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A person's diet can greatly effect their energy level.  By adjusting your diet to meet what your body needs, your metabolism can become more effective.  Combine that with getting enough sleep and you will feel more energized and ready to take on life.  Here's some healthy links to help you eat better.

Green Monster/Sweet Potato Fries - Give this popular frozen drink a try and add these sweat potatoe fries for a delicious meal.

Spicy Popcorn - Scroll down to find this great recipe from Diary of a Hungry Mom.  A perfect, no-guilt snack. Yum!

Healthy Meals Made Easy - The RODALE recipe finder is one of my favorite resources to search and find great meals.
Yogurt Cube Smoothy  - One of my best ideas ever.  So easy, so cheap, so good!

Sweet Potato Rice Bowl - Click on the Link for Early Morning Runner.  Great way to use this beloved potato.

Stir Fried Peas - My favorite way to cook my peas after a harvest.  The toasted almonds give it just the right touch!

Water Challenge - Just how much water should you be drinking in a day?  I've got an equation here that will help you find out your individual need.

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