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Friday, July 11, 2008

Addressing Low Back Pain - Part I

Low back pain can be either acute (temporary) or chronic (lasting for a long period of time) but can be treated with stretching and exercise.

Part I of this treatment involves stretches that can aid in relieving symptoms. Make sure not to deviate from the directions next to the pictures. Doing so can increase tension and pain in the back.

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Stay tuned for Part II. This will include exercises that can help strengthen the core muscles.


Ashlee said...

Hey Keisha, this is andy. The info about the lower back is great. I have had lower back problems for about 8 years now. Nothing too serious but it bothers me when I sleep, and sit for a long time. I am not flexible at all, so I am going to try the exercises. thanks for the info!

Andy & Ashlee said...

These Stretches really work! I can't believe how much m y back feels in the morning. Thanks keisha,