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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recycle Your Runners

If your like me you have...

  • your good pair of running shoes
  • your back up pair
  • an old pair for camping
  • an old pair for mowing the lawn
  • and another old pair, um, just in case

Have you ever considered recycling your old runners? Here are 3 organizations that want your old shoes.

Soles4Souls - Their tag line is "Changing the world, one pair at a time". This organization takes your tired, but "gently worn," sneakers and finds needy feet to fill your old shoes. They strongly suggest organizing shoe drives and mailing all the pairs to one of their three warehouse locations.

One World Running - They have been serving runners around the world since 1986. Through collection programs, they are able to provide shoes for runners to many countries including Cuba, Nepal, and Mali. Check here for drop-off locations.

The previous organizations want shoes that are only "gently used". This next one will take shoes that are well worn (which is what mine usually are when I finish with them).

Nike Reuse a Shoe takes all brands of sneakers that are beyond "gently worn" and turns those old shoes into a recycled product known as Nike Grind. Once your recycled shoes are reformulated into Nike Grind, they are used to make tracks, indoor basketball courts, fields, and playgrounds. Just drop off your retired sneakers at any Nike store, or check here for locations. (1)


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