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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Race Recaps

Race Against Child Abuse 10k

I mentioned this race in my previous post but I have a few pictures to share. This wasn't a very big race and probably 1/2 of the runners did the 5k. While I was running I ended up bridging a big gap between the top two male finishers and the rest of the field so it was different trying to run my fastest without having someone in front of me I was trying to catch or someone right behind me to hold off. I still ran a pretty good time of 46.57 which barely met my goal of sub 47 min. I originally thought this might be a PR but then I saw a old tweet on Twitter about a 10k I ran last year in 45.34 minutes. Oh well. It IS just the beginning of the season (that's what I keep telling myself). I'm gonna crush that time by the end right? At least it's good motivation to train harder. And good motivation to keep track of my race times. Thank you Dailymile. On with the pics!

Starting line. I'm number 87.

Trying to finish strong. Do my arms really look like that when I run?

High fives from two of my kiddos. (The other one was playing a soccer game on a field right next to us. Pretty convenient.)

Some post-race lovin'.

Conquer the Canyon 5k - PR!

This was the test to see if my goal of sub 22 was reasonable after running a baseline of 23.59 the first part of April. Unlike the 10k, this race was MUCH bigger. There was 199 women participating in the 5k alone. The field started out really fast and I was a little worried but still tried to keep up without overdoing it. At the turn around for the 5k I was surprised to find myself in 2nd place! The few women in front of me had kept going for the 10k. YEAH! I knew there was one gal in front of me but she was WAY in front so I did the best I could to pick off the two guys up ahead. I ended up finishing in 22.07 (7.08 pace) which was a PR for me. The little gal that beat me was only 13 years old and finished around 20.15 min. WOW! Impressive huh. I searched her out and told her that she needed to stick with running because she had a gift. I've got another 5k planned on Memorial Day so wish me luck! I'm determined to get this goal conquered. Then I can focus on breaking that 10k PR!


Erica said...

Great Job!!! You are super speedy! and I love your determination!

Glenn Jones said...

Woo hoo! Great effort Kiesha! Congrats on a great race and an awesome PR!

Hannah said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a great run! That is awesome. I would proudly eat your dust.

I've got three little ones, too - so I loved the pics with your kids. Precious!

RunnerDude said...

Awesome job on the race and great pics!!! Of course you'll smash that time....or just have fun trying. It's all good.