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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Opening Statements

I thought it appropriate for my first post to admit my purposes for creating this new blog. Mainly it's an outlet to share my passion for fitness and health. Since I am a stay at home mom (which is my decision and I love it), I don't always get to discuss adult topics. I spent four years studying exercise science and another two studying physical therapy so in order to not lose this collected information in my head, I needed a place to spit it out. Thus my blog was born....Fitness Junky.

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Stueller said...

I found your blog through Ashlee and Andy Woolfs... I am so glad you started this! I am seriously stuck in mommy world and had to make a goal just to get ready by 10 in the morning so I felt like a person again. My next goal is to start moving again! SO I will be checking in often! Awesome! Thanks for the motivation :)