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Friday, January 11, 2008

What is your BMI?

The Body Mass Index or BMI is a great way to find out your general health condition. Though the BMI is used for statistical purposes only, it can provide you a quick estimate if you are overweight, underweight, normal, or obese. To calculate the Body Mass Index, the weight of an individual is divided by the square of their height.

Click here to calculate your BMI

It’s important to remember that:
  • You could have a high BMI but be at a weight that is considered healthy if you’re muscular or athletic.
  • You could have a normal BMI and have poor nutrition.


Baldwin Family said...

LOVE IT!!!! What a fun idea. I will be a regular vistor to this blog. I have just joined a gym and I am ready to get back in shape. Hey quick question...can a scale really tell you your BMI? How accurate is it? Or is hydrostatic weighing better?
The the fam hi!

Baldwin Family said...

Ahhh! I spelled visitor wrong!

Kiesha B.S. Exercise Science A.S. Physical Therapy said...

Hey Shanda! Your BMI is basically a height to weight ratio so as long as you can enter your height into the scale, it could compute your BMI. Since your an athlete though, your BMI may be higher so don't rely too much on it. It can be a good estimate though. As for hydrostatic weighing, I've heard it's currently considered the best method for measuring true weight and BMI. Since you're measured underwater, your "boyancy" is taken into account so true body density can be determined. So the more you float, the higher your body fat%. Have you ever done it before?