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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I did it! Yesterday, in the wee morning hours I headed to the gym (still too cold outside for my comfort) and climbed on the all too familiar treadmill with one purpose in mind. My 5k baseline. Right now I am trying to see just how fast I can get my 5k. I’ve done all the distances (except the ultras) and have chosen this goal for my motivation.  Being a busy Mom of three young children, the training fits in nicely with needs of my kids.  Plus it's just so dang fun!  I'm a little competitive and the short distances (5k/10k) is where I've seen success so why not try to go for the gold, right?

Back to my baseline. In order to formulate my goal pace I had to have a place to start.  So after a warm-up mile at a 9 min. pace...I went for it!  As I was going I decided that I wanted to try to get below 24 min. (I'm probably more competitive with myself than anyone else).  Well, after a couple miles I realized I was going to have to pick up the pace if I wanted to accomplish that so about every 1/4 mile I increased the speed a little bit.  Still, by 2.75 miles I was going too slow to beat 24 minutes and so I started running as fast as I felt I could go to the end...7 min. pace...6:30 min. pace...6 min. pace...5:54 min pace...HOLD IT.....I made it! BARELY - 23.59 minutes. Whew, how's that for cutting it close? The computer spat out that my average pace was 7.44 min.  Not too bad, I'm happy with it.

Now that I've got my baseline I can set a more realistic goal instead of just pulling one out of the air. And here it is - sub 22. By the end of this running season I want to be able to run a 5k under 22 minutes. Can I do it? I think so! I usually do better running outdoors and I have my first race in a couple weeks to test out my ambition. Wish me luck!

Fitness tip - To set a realistic goal, figure out your baseline.  What can you already do?  Then go from there.  Best wishes toward your goals!


Running Diva Mom said...

just found your blog!

Connie said...

If I EVER run that fast I'm going to throw A PARTY!!! GOSH!!!
How did you get that fast?? Probably the fact you are younger makes a big difference! I'm an old fart that didn't start running until I was about an old fart! HA! Even after all my speed work I'm THRILLED with a 5k @ 9min miles!
Good job Kiesha!

Kiesha B.S. Exercise Science A.S. Physical Therapy said...

Connie! Even though I'm younger I've still been running for about 15 years so that's probably a big part of it. Just have more experience with the training. I think your pretty dang great for getting out there in the cold. You are braver than I!