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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Biker Shorts - Not a Fashion Statement

This is what I run in.

Clearly I'm not trying to achieve any fashion glory.  My sole purpose is comfort.  When I'm exercising (usually pounding out the milage) I don't want any slippage or rubbage going on.  You know what I mean.  No more grass fires or rashes in unwanted places.  No more lubin' the legs with vaseline and a popsicle stick.   Problem solved.  Oh, and when I'm doing some inclined sit-ups at the gym, no more free shows. 

I don't care what size you are, you should give it ago.  Tight is Right!



Anton said...

I have some shorts like these and they are great for the long runs. Completely agree with what you are saying...although I haven't been wearing them to the gym but hadn't thought about incline sit ups. Might be wearing them there too now

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Who cares, for me its about comfort and getting the good run without having to worry about how my clothes feel.


The un-Zen Runner said...

Funny article. Fortunately I've never had to rub vaseline on my legs. Just my armpits for a swim in a wetsuit.