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Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm in TrOubLe!!! + Fri Fav's

I think I may have stuck my foot in my mouth. The big race is this Monday and after only a month to train my hubby is one quick little turd. He probably has only ran about 8 times and only 3.1 miles each time (apparently not wanted to run farther than needed) but is running at a 6:30 pace!!! CRAP! I've never ran that fast! Although on this morning's 4 mile run my last mile was at a 6:29 pace so maybe there's a glimmer of hope? Oh boy. I'm thinking of throwing this offer on the table.

If I come in first among the women I get to keep the furniture.


If he wins then I challenge him to a triple or nothing 10k. I'm pretty confident I've got him there because he's never really ran anthing over 4 miles. Hmmm.....


Should I just suck it up because I agreed to race...even though it was on his terms. ;)

Oh well. If anything I'll have a good time trying to win and I'm sure to get a PR out of this one. Also I may have gained a partner in crime. If he's this good with such little training he really should stick with it! Now I can have some company on my Saturday morning races. We'll just have to find a babysitter willing to work in the wee hours of the morning.

Here's some favorite's I came across this prepared to laugh.

Running Diva Mom - I know I said I wouldn't mention anything about a virtual race until Oct. but I at least want you to get in on this one if you'de like. -k, I'm done.

The Boring Runner - Favorite new blog that I've added to my roll. "Boring"...WHATEVER! This guy really is a crack up.

Frayed Laces - "The $150 Pit Stop Mistake." Probably one of the funniest posts I've ever read. The fact that she had to seek medical treatment made it all the more hilarious. I know that sounds mean but you'll just have to read it.

Run To The Finish - Lessons on runner's ettiquette. Gave me a chuckle as well. Check out the comments for some more reasons to smile.

P.S. I did count my cadence this morning to see if I could make some last ditch effort tweaks to my stride and get a faster pace but I'm WAY above the standard mentioned for elite runners. I'm taking about 180 steps per minute vs. the 90 steps my previous post said was optimal. Hmm, more on those thoughts Monday.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!


Andrew Opala said...

good luck!

Johann said...

Good luck and have fun!

Adam said...

Thanks for the Fri fave!

It has been my experience that my wife has a way of getting out of all of the bets we have. So I would say your back up should be triple or nothing.

I think that those numbers from your last post were counting left/right as "1 step", so you're right on target!