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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running at Night

Fall is in the air. In order for me to get in a long run I've got to be up before dawn and yesterday it was dark enough that I'm sure it was a health hazard to be out on the road. I'd like to keep training as long as I can before the snow starts to fall so it's time to invest in some night running gear. Good thing I've got a shopping trip planned this weekend!

With that said, I don't have enough of the green stuff to buy everything so I want to hear what you recommend. What do you wear and what is the "must have" item(s)?
  • Reflective vest (I've hated the one's I've worn in the past because they flop around so if you have one that fits tight I wanna hear about it.)
  • Head lamp (One strap/two straps)
  • Butt light (otherwise known as tail light)
  • Arm/leg reflector bands
  • Reflective Tape
  • Reflective Head Band


Rae said...

I just got some reflective stuff in the mail yesterday. I got the Nathan Streak vest. I haven't run in it yet, but I tried it on and really liked it. I also got reflective running sleeves and I think I'm gonna really love them. Check out my blog for pics of my stuff!

Johann said...

I've got everything possible for running in the dark. I'm lucky I can train outside the whole year, so I do lots of dark running in the winter.

morrismom0204 said...

you can go to your local walmart and in the auto department you can find little round lights that flash, They come in red yellow and I think green, I have worn those before and with the flashing lights the cars can "see" you before their headlights reflect your wear. That is a suggestion as well, I wore a reflective vest and flashing lights in the front and back and I never had a problem. Good luck!!

Glenn Jones said...

I wear a reflective vest, headlamp and red flashers. Stay tuned - I'll have my normal night running blog post afer the time change....