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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi, my name is Slacker

Remember me?

Wow. I suck. I new the holidays would be nuts but I wasn't fully prepared for all the craziness that would follow them. Here are my lame excuses...

Excuse #1 - We are full blown in the middle of building our house and decided to do the electrical work ourselves. Lesson - save up a little more money so you can pay someone else to do it. Waaaaaaay too many late nights.

Excuse #2 - Getting bids for the house. I now know the names of all available siding, doors, tile, carpet, rock, cupboards, faucets, sinks, light fixtures, and paint colors. I have things scrolled on little sticky notes all over the place and half of them I don't understand. Haggling for the right price makes me cranky.

Excuse #3 - At the end of December I was asked to be the Primary President in my ward (I'm a steward over all the children in my local church). I LOVE this calling but the end/first of the year has a lot of busy work and to top it off we are moving church buildings this week so I've been prepping for that.

Thus my blog life (and all other forms of social life) have suffered. I've gotten into an exercise funk and I hate it. It's time to do something about it. Here are my new toys.

During the cold/dark/winter months I tend to do more strength training than running (since there's just so many miles I can pound out on a treadmill) and I decided it was time to splurge on some new equipment to finally get me going. Kettle balls are a killer tool to build up core strength as well has tone arms/legs. Here we go!

Do you use a kettle ball? What is your favorite kettle exercise routine? (I've got me a chart to go with them so I can learn the kettle ball lingo)


Rae said...

Hello! Welcome back! :) I use kettlebells in my Boot Camp class, but not a lot. And I recently tried Jillian's shred it with weights...which uses Kettlebells. I love it, but I had to use a dumbbell because I don't own a kettlebell...yet! :)

Your house looks awesome!

Andrew Opala said...

hey slacker ...

Doing the electrical is probably the most dangerous job you can pick - duct work, framing, carpentry, plumbing they all have soft failures - good choice!

I don't touch the kettle bells, but the kettle-chips are yummy!

(P.S. please join our 2-minute Burpee contest: here)

Johann said...

Those are not the worst excuses I've seen or heard. I like that save some money and pay someone option. I've never used kettle bells.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your excuses are duly noted and most reasonable!! I have never tried kettle balls, but have heard great things about them!! Your home looks beautiful, I'm sure you can't wait for its completion!

Glenn Jones said...

Welcome back! I remember my Primary years so well....

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Welcome back!
I use Bob Harpers Kettlebells so ergonimically fitting and vinyl. Love them.

I also have 1 green round vinyl too I got at a fitness convention been using Kettlebells for about a year or so now.

Good luck on the new house, and you deserve to slack.......thats a lot on your plate!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...


My bells are 12lb, 20lb and 25lb and perfect for using even for dead lifts and rows.