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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Lean-Mean-Turkey Machine

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While gaining weight during Thanksgiving could be considered a national pastime, here's a few tips to help curb the calories.
  • Don't go to Thanksgiving starving - I'm SO at fault for this. It's like I'm saving up for game time so when the dinner bell is rung I can be the greatest face stuffer in the land. EAT a wholesome breakfast/lunch like an egg with whole wheat toast or bowl of oatmeal to avoid over eating when the turkey is served.

  • Eat Slow - Another BAD habit of mine. When you eat fast you tend to eat more than you need. Take your time. Enjoy some conversation without a mouth full of food. You're fellow grub eaters will thank well as your waistline.

  • Go white and skinless - It's an easy way to cut the calories. Stick with white meat with out any skin and you'll save your calorie intake for pie.

  • PUMPKIN - Speaking of pie, your best bet for lowest fat/calories is pumpkin. Just skip dousing it with whipped cream (if it's humanly possible).

  • Small portions on the high fat foods - these foods can include stuffing, mashed potatoes (when made with butter and cream)and gravy, green bean casserole, and candied yams. I'm not saying to deprive yourself of these tasty items (cause I plan on having one of each), just plop down a small portion instead.

  • Drink water - Before you start the meal drink a glass of water. Then drink another one after your FIRST plate. Hopefully it'll save you from going for a SECOND. Hey, leftovers are always better the NEXT day right?

  • Don't be TOO hard on yourself - If you've indulged during dinner, don't kick yourself for the rest of the day!!! This is a time to celebrate and have gratitude for family, friends, and FOOD! Maybe round up the family for a "friendly" game of flag football, go on a walk to promote re-buttoning the pants, or heave your full bellied self on the couch to watch some pro ball but make sure to hit your workout routine hard for the following week!


Would you like to participate in a official Turkey Trot but can't find one close? Dailymile is hosting a virtual 5k on Thanksgiving day. You can run, walk, or bike the 5k and a few lucky winners will be chosen for some prizes. Choose to donate $1, $5, or $10 and ALL proceeds go to St. Jude's, a VERY worthy cause.



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Nicole said...

Great advice! :) My family is doing thanksgiving breakfast so hopefully that will help me NOT over eat the rest of the day! Happy Turkey Day!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

hope you had an awesome turkey day!

Detroit Runner said...

great tips!