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Monday, November 8, 2010


Did you catch the ING New York Marathon? Holy Cow! Shalane Flanagan is my new idol. She has now join the ranks with Deena Kastor and Kara Goucher of women who inspire me. There has not been a second place finish of an American women for the last 20 years and this was her marathon DEBUT! She finished with a time of 2:28:40, just 20 seconds behind the winner Edna Kiplagat who finished in 2:28:20. Wow, I'm seriously impressed.

Even better this marathon served as the USA Marathon Championship so her amazing debut earned her the title of 2010 National Champion. How's that for being a 26.2 rookie!

Of course this isn't her first time out of the blocks. Here's a brief bio of this leading lady.

  • Height - 5'5''
  • Weight 113
  • Age - 29
  • PRs: 1,500m - 4:05.86 (2007); 3,000m - 8:33.25AR (2007); 5,000m - 14:44.80AR (2007); 10,000m 30:22.22AR (2008)
  • Career Highlights: 2008 Olympic Games 10,000m bronze medalist; 2008 Olympic Trials 10,000m champion and 3rd in 5,000m; 2007 Visa Indoor champion; 2007 USA Indoor 3,000m champion; Two-time USA Outdoor 5,000m champion ('05, '07); Two-time USA XC 4km champion ('04, '05); Two-time NCAA XC champion ('02, '03); 2003 NCAA Indoor 3,000m champion; 15-time NCAA All-American

I'm anxiously awaiting the day when Deena, Kara, and Shalane go head to head. Won't that be a race to watch! It's hard to decide who to cheer for but I'd probably have to go for Kara. After all she was the first professional runner that I have idolized and now that she's delivered her first baby I want her to kick some Mama butt! However, I would do a celebration jig if any American came in the top three.

Who would you cheer for?
Who inspires you to run?

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Sara said...

She's my new hero too! I was able to watch the race on Sunday and loved every second of it. Thanks for the info on her!

Lisa said...

Watching Shalane get 2nd place yesterday was amazing! She seriously looked like a super hero running down those last few yards. Definitely a new hero of mine as well! You're right, that match up would be pretty incredible! I hope Shalane comes back next year for another try at the NYCM!

Jenn said...

Yes-Shalane is DEFINITELY my new hero! I might have an anxiety attack trying to decide between those three!! Thanks for the stats. Fun to see them!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Wow, your already like her so don't short change yourself....just sayin :-)

Andrew Opala said...

My hero would be Roger Bannister.

But Shalane is very awesome! You know Keisha, if you put your mind to it and dedicated s bit more time - you could whip her a$$. Just sayin.

Average A said...

Flanagan is awesome! My long-time inspiration has been Deena Kastor... total admire that lady. :)

ALSO, thanks for entering my giveaway. :) Just so you know, you're totally not long winded! Have you seen how long my posts get...? Ha!

Have a great week.