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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ever seen this before?

I've finally got my mojo (a.k.a. fat butt) moving again now that we've finished building and are moved into our new home...and it ain't pretty. My back is sore, my abs are cryin', and my thighs are screaming. Not to mention that I'm having to push myself just to keep a pace around 8:30. 5 months ago my 5k pace was 6:45 and my 10k pace 7:20. Wow, doesn't seem fair how fast I get out of shape vs. how long it takes to get in shape.

Maybe these will help...

My kiddo's/hubby got me these for Mother's Day. A new pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus 12. I like 'em. Plus, have you ever seen this before?

The laces are set on the inside to follow the shape of the foot. It's quite comfy. Anyone had a shoe with this placement of the laces? Personally I hope it catches on like the mesh. Here's to Happy Feet!


track coach and adorable wife said...

Wow, that house is beautiful! I am sure you will get back to your speedy self in no time, although you are pretty speedy now!

Megan said...

Beautiful home! And the shoes are awesome.

LB said...

beautiful house!!! welcome back, been wondering where youve been!