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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RagMag Picture Nominations

The Wasatch Back is a relay race put on by Ragnar that I've run a few times and it has become HUGE!!! It starts in Logan, Utah and runs 188 miles to Park City. Last year while hanging out at the finish line I ran into the guy (Mike) who takes pictures for the "RagMag" which is the Ragnar Magazine handed out to all the runners as the relay guide. Mike recently put out a request for pictures for this year's magazine so I sent him a handful. What a cool momento that would be to have a picture in this year's Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay!

These are my nominations...

Our team name ~ "Victorious Secret" Thus the shirts. Thought I should explain why we are dressed in fake lingerie. Here we are by the Ragnar Tent. I'm second from the left.

Showing off our finisher bling...and some leg. Now I'm all the way to the left.

Approaching an exchange point. Look close and you see me getting my Ragnar slap bracelet ready.

and my personal favorite...

Taking some personal time on a "bumper dumper". I made sure to grimace for full effect. Hahaha!

I'm not sure if I'll hear anything back before I actually see the magazine on race day (June 17-18) but you'll be the first to know. I'm sure the suspense is just killin' ya. Okay...okay...atleast just fake it for my sake.


LB said...

i wish there was a ragnar race near me! looks so fun!

Erika said...

bumper dumper...bahahahah! Love it!