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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calorie Calculator

I often wonder if I wore my Garmin around for a full day, how many miles would I cover and how many calories would I burn? Of course that means I'd actually have to break open the heart rate monitor that I've never bothered to try so I could utilize my resting heart rate. I gotta be able to count my sitting at the computer and blogging calories right? Hmm, now I'm considering other activities and what they do to my heart rate...I'll leave things up to your imagination.

Too bad the battery would burn out before I the day was done but I think I'm still going to do it. I'll just have to break the day up into segments until I get a full day in.

So while I conduct this experiment, here's an interesting link to check out. It's a calorie calculator I found that is pretty all inclusive. It lists just about every activity you may be involved in. All you do is input your weight and duration and then you'll know how many calories you burned playing hacky sack, cleaning rain gutters, making your bed, and even standing in a line.

Good News - I burned 53.1 calories sitting here reading blogs for an hour. Nice! Oh, and I think for my new cross-training program I'm going to do a little foresting. ;)

Ever wore your Garmin around just to see how many calories you burned?


Gentry said...

No garmin but I used to always wear my bodybugg and it was amazing and crazy to see what burnt calories! Lawn mowing with a pusher burns by far the most out of yard work! I'd totally recommend a bodybugg to anyone!

Kelly said...

i second the body bugg...i loved mine!

Erika said...

we get a fitness bonus at work and they moniter our heart rates while they work out. To get our heart rates, they made us sleep with our actitrainers on (similar to a garmin) for 3 nights and take the average as our resting heart rate. I also used to wear my moniter at work to see how much we burned while working with patients/stretching/exercising...and it was pretty crazy!