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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Toy + Baby Tortilla Wraps

Isn't it amazing how fast electronics get outdated? I've had my Ipod Nano for about 4 years and I can no longer find accessories for it. My poor armband has been held together with duct tape for quite some time and it has a permanent odor that has caused my closet to radiate with "B.O.'dior".

It's long past due for a replacement but there is not an armband like this to be found. There's a "fit's most Ipod's" arm sleeve for $20 at Wallyworld but there's no access window for the control buttons and it looks huge. So I thought, why spend the money on something that probably won't work when I can spend $20 more and get this...

Bye-bye armbands! Hello clip-on.

Also, thought I'd share a new meal idea I got from a friend (Connie:).

Baby Tortilla Wraps

Why haven't I thought of these before? I've made plenty of wraps in my day but never thought to cut them like little sushi rolls. Inside the tortillas I added turkey, cheese, tomato, pickle, lettuce, and some low fat cream cheese* to hold it together. Walla! I can pop these right in (probably because I have a big mouth) and not have to mess around with my wrap that keeps falling apart (probably because I'm retarded).

*Suggestions on a healthier spread would be fabulous!


Isela said...

I make wraps all the time and never thought about cutting them up...they look also so much more appealing than a big burrito. I will cut them up next time I make them.

Laura said...

Geez...I never thought of that either.
And I love me some wraps......

Connie said...

They are so very pretty aren't they? Normally I would use whole wheat tortilla's and if you use the light cream cheese you can't call it an unhealthy spread. Try adding a little ranch dressing (like a tsp ranch to 3 tbsp cream cheese) or other seasonings to the cream cheese.
You could use hummus too. I love Athenos Spicy Three Pepper Hummus.