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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keepin' It Interesting + Virtual Race

Yesterday's run was GREAT! Let me tell you what I did.

I've had step up my speed game lately as my hubby has been rockin' his training for our upcoming big race. (If you've read my previous posts you may know about our "friendly" competition. For details you can click here.) Not that he's been out running a ton but for the few miles he has run he's gotten faster! I've been a nice competitor and have loaned out Mr. G so he can have an idea what's going on out there while he's pounding the road...and so I can keep tabs on his progress. His last run was a 6:52 pace! What!?!?! Time for me to switch gears into panic mode and pound some pavement!

Here's what yesterday's morning run looked like. It burned SO good!

1 mile warm-up @ 8:10 pace
1 mile fartleks with the telephone poles
(ON @ 5:33 pace/OFF @ 8:15 pace)
1/2 mile recover @ 7:45 pace
1 1/2 mile tempo @ 6:45 pace
3 min. active rest
5 x 1/2 block strides

Today is my rest day. Ahhhhhh...

Tomorrow I've got plans for a 4 mile tempo. Going for at least sub 30 min.

Friday is my long day and for 5k training I figure 6 miles is good. But this Friday I'm using it for a virtual race I've signed up for and hitting 8.25 miles. I'm competing in two distances. The first is the 8.25 miles and the next week I'm going to pound out a 4 miler. If you'd like to get in on the race click on the race bib below and leave MCM Mama a comment telling her what distance you would like to do. For info about the race her original post is here. Just be sure to leave your comment on a new post of hers so she catches your name. Good luck!

Occasionally I feel like I'm not so HARD CORE this year when I'm running these short distances and not going for a marathon but I'm having A LOT of fun with the training. Instead of focusing on my base mileage I get to throw in different speed sessions with something new each time and it keeps things fresh. After the Ragnar Relay in June and peaking for a 15k I did over the 4th of July I lost a little motivation but changing up my training has done the trick and my desire and drive is renewed! If your feeling some post-race blues...mix it up a bit. Speedwork can be a lot of fun!


Rae said...

Hi! I just found your blog through the comments for the virtual race. Your blog looks great and I look forward to reading!

Rae said...

My daughter's middle name is Rae too. My Nana and Mom's are too. I got it as my first name. I love it!

MCM Mama said...

Wow! You are a fast girl. Looks like I may come in last for my own virtual race LOL.