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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A RUN WITH NOTHIN' ON electronics! Geez, what where you thinking? Although I think running in the nude would be quite liberating it would NOT go over well in my neck of the woods. I do have a great body for it though as I don't really require any support of my upper torso. Enough said...ON the with the post!

Two weeks ago I came down with a sore throat which turned into a phlegm filled cough. Yuck, I know. So my breathing became more labored anyways let alone when I was trying to run. As a result I cut down on mileage and slowed my pace.

Last week my hubby was gone to scout camp Monday - Saturday and thus I took the week off of running since finding a babysitter at 6:30 a.m. wasn't going to happen. Plus I was at the ball field 5 of 7 nights playing a mean right center (okay, trying) so I didn't get the running going during the evening hours either.

This past Monday was finally my day to get back to work. I knew I'd be slower and I didn't want to torture myself by gazing at Mr. G every minute to confirm the turtle pace so I decided to leave him at home. It's like when I go on vacation. I KNOW I'll gain wait (sure sign of a good time) so why come home and weigh myself? I always give myself 2 weeks to work of the pounds before a weigh-in. So my left wrist was Garmin free so I wouldn't be so focused on my speed.

Also, since I was on this gadget strike and feeling liberated I decided to leave my music on the shelf too. It was just a short 4 miler and it was actually nice to hear the sounds of morning. Usually when I pass anyone I wave and say hi and fake like I hear what they say back to me. Without the music there was no faking goin' on I was able to hear the salutation and that was nice too.

Overall it was a joy to just get out and enjoy the pleasures of running and not worry about training. Don't get me wrong. I like to push myself and run hard and I do enjoy Mr. G and my tunes on a long run or speed work, but I quite like the solitude on a short easy run and look forward to the next one. It's going down on my schedule to do at least twice a month.

See ya on the road!


Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

Haha the beginning of this post totally made me laugh. :)

I also really enjoy training, but sometimes a watchless run is so liberating!

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Lisa said...

I used to always run with my ipod, but decided I needed to try it without, for safety reasons mostly. Now, I don't like running with it when I'm outdoors! It's great to be in tune with my surroundings and concentrate more on my thoughts and my form!

Johann said...

That's exactly why I never run with any gadgets. Don't own any form of music player or Garmin. Just my trusty stop watch that I start and only look at again when I stop it when I finish my run. Much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Kiesha said...

For 14 years I ran with just a trusty stop watch and it was fabulous for keeping track of time but now I do enjoy having Mr. G to tell me how far I've gone without having to map a route and also it helps to know my pace if I'm seriously competing. The music comes in handy when I need help keeping my cadence in training but when I'm not worried about that it REALLY is great to let the mind wonder and get it touch with inner granola self and "Become one with nature" by enjoying my surroundings.

Glenn Jones said...

Dang! You had me going for a moment there....

Seriously though - it's nice to see someone who runs just for the enjoyment of the activity. I seem to need a goal race to eep my focused - otherwise I find it way too easy to make excuses to not train.

Olsen Family said...

I am such a gadget dependent person as you know, but I bet it was a great change! I may have to brave it just once and run with nothin' on too... Also I wanted to share with you an oil I use when I am congested (you said at the beginning you had had a cough) the doTERRA oil blend breath is great for me when I run especially when I am feeling congested and phlemy. Call me and I will get you a sample to try if you want. Also I love your blog you are awesome!!