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Monday, August 30, 2010

So Much for Sub 21

Saturday I ran in a small town race with a small amount of people but had a blast. My hubby is from this small town so I knew a bunch and got to run with friends AND family as my Sis-in-Law joined in the fun. Ya know, sometimes a race is just about the commodore between runners and it doesn't matter what time you get.

Oh who am I kidding...I wanted to see something under 21 minutes SO BAD! I was on perfect target pace for my first mile at 6:40 min. and then Mr. G went blank. WHAT?!?!? I just charged the sucker a couple days before and had only used it once on a short run but I'm thinking I must have left it ON. Grrrr. Lesson - charge Mr. G the night before a race no matter what.

So screen is blank but at least I had a young buck next too me that was running my same pace so I figured if I stuck by him we could make this happen. All was well until mile 3. Mile 3 has a little steep hill that lasts for about 1/4 mile at the beginning and I remembered it from previous year so I attacked it. However, I forgot that from the top of this steep hill it remains a slight uphill grade to the finish line. Ahhhh!!! Maybe should have saved a little "umph" for the blacktop that remained. Well young buck slowly pulled away and I was left counting my steps. (Something I resort to sometimes when I'm starting to hit a rough spot). Not sure what my last mile split was but obviously not fast enough to keep my time under 21. I actually didn't even get under 22 min. My time was 22:19 which is a GREAT time that I am proud of and I did come in second overall (like I said...small race). I'm just ready to kill that 5k come Labor Day.


Andrew Opala said...

Awesome run!

Hey Keisha since you have an A.S. in P.T., what do you think about stretching as a way to prevent injury, and what about stretching to improve your overall running?

Rae said...

Sorry you didn't get a sub-21, but you still rocked it!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

Even though you didn't get under 21, that is still an AMAZING run! :)

Andrew Opala said...

Keisha - thanks for the email and let me know if my quote on my blog is copacetic!

Adam said...

Ugg, that is a bummer about the race. BUT, I do love small races - always fun to know people there.

BTW - I am SUPER behind on...everything! :) But feel free to use my blog on the fav fridays!