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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MCMmama's Virtual Race Reports

Are ya sick of hearing about these virtual races yet? Sorry! I just wanted to throw down my race reports to prove my participation so bare with me one more time and I promise NOT to mention anything about a virtual race until Oct. when I start working on the Jog 4 Joubert 10k.

I chose to participate in 2 difference distances (4 miles and 8.25 miles) in the Momma Goes Master's Virtual race this past week and really enjoyed my first voyage into the cyber race world.

Last Friday I attempted to conquer the 4 mile race only to DNF due to Mr. G complications. See previous post. Of course I finished the run but wasn't able to record my accurate stats so I just chalked it up as a good tempo.

8.25 miles
Saturday I tried again only my target was the 8.25 mile race and was pleasantly surprised at the pace I was able to keep. Lately I've been focusing on my short races and doing a lot of speedwork and tempo runs to get my 5k/10k pace down so to be able to keep up a decent pace for 8+ made me happy. Another HUGE motivation on my run was that Mr. G beeped "Low Battery" at me around mile 4 and I was not going to repeat this race so the anxiety pushed me a little harder. I know, DUMB of me to not check on battery juice the night before but it all worked out. Whew!

Getting ready to hit the road running. I saved you from having to witness the post-race glow.I finished in 1:03:36 which was a 7:43 pace. Wahoo!

4 miles
This morning was my second attempt at the 4 mile race. After charging Mr. G last night and popping a couple Gobstoppers this morning I was ready to go. (Yeah that's my kinda fuel. A little hard candy seems to do the trick. Not very technical here.)

I would've LOVED to go sub 7 min pace but the first mile is slightly uphill and if I push it TOO hard I suck it up the rest of the way. I did try to warm up first but I think I took it too slow because it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Next time I'm going to take 1/2 mile warm up running at normal pace, have a 1 minute breather, and then pound the pavement. Why didn't I pick a flat route? Because most of the time after I've worked a little harder to get up a hill I run the subsequent miles faster.

I was able to kick out the 4 miles in 28:16 min. with a 7:04 pace. Mile splits...
Mile 1 - 7:43
Mile 2 - 6:48
Mile 3 - 6:50
Mile 4 - 6:54

See what I mean about the first mile! I would LOVE any advice on what I can do in my training to get this down. Obviously on a long distance it doesn't matter as much because you have time to get into your groove. In these short distances you have to be ready to go right off the bat.
Maybe a more effective warm-up. I!

A little after race glow. You couldn't get away with it twice. ;)

HApYp BirThDay MCMMama!!!


Andrew Opala said...

great pace, was the negative split on purpose?

Rae said...

Wow! You are fast!! Great job!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

dang -- you are a speedster! I have the same problem with mile 3 uno. If you figure it out let me know?

Anonymous said...

Great run, Congratulations!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Nice pace - indeed - indeed!

Adam said...

Before 5Ks (that I am 'racing') I totally do a warm up mile for the exact reason that you state.

The best advice that I would give would be to shorten your stride (a theme in your posts! ha) even more than normal to get the blood flowing for the first 400 or 600. After that, really focus on smooth effort and maintaining form.

Check out some tri-blogs. I know that they really struggle with going out too slow after riding the bike. Maybe they have some adivce? (I'm not a tri guy - just a boring one)