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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sometimes I re-read my Runner's World magazines and come across articles that make me smile even the second/third time through. Just thought I'd share.

Running Rules of Thumb...
Adapted from Mark Remy's "The Runner's Rule Book"

  • 1. If you see a porta potty with no line, use it. Even if you don't need to.

  • 2. If you have to ask yourself, Does this driver see me? The answer is no.

  • 3. If you have to ask yourself, Are these shorts too short? The answer is yes.

  • 4. 1 glazed doughnut = 2 miles

  • 5. You rarely regret the runs you do; you almost always regret the runs you skip.

  • 6. Not everyone who looks fast really is, and not everyone who looks slow really is.

  • 7. Nobody has ever watched Chariots of Fire from beginning to end. Not even the people who made it.

  • 8. You can never have too many safety pins on your gym bag.

  • 9. Running any given route in the rain makes you feel 50 percent more hard-core than covering the same route on a sunny day.

  • 10. If you care even a little about being called a jogger versus a runner, you're a runner.

FYI - National Doughnut Day was on June 4th. Dang, I missed it. But it's on my calendar for next year!


Lisa said...

nice post! I also save my RW issues. It drives my husband nuts but I always tell him 'I might need something in there one day!' and... I have!!

ajh said...

I love this list! Hmm 2 miles for a glazed donut - one of my favorite treats!!!

Glenn Jones said...

So how many miles is an Apple fritter? Nice post!