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Friday, July 23, 2010

Strides + Friday Fav's

I'm trying to kick my speed training up a notch to capture GOLD (see previous post) so I finished my workout this morning with 5 x 100 yard strides and it felt SO good. After a 4 mile tempo run, I walked for a couple minutes then got started.

How to do a stride
Strides are short, fast interval runs between 50 and 200 meters. They should be run at a "comfortable sprint" pace, which means that you're basically running as fast as you can without losing your proper running form. Doing strides can help improve your speed, flexibility, coordination, and running efficiency.

Recover in between each interval and make sure you're not out of breath when you start your next interval. If you find yourself losing your form towards the end of the interval, try slowing down, taking a longer rest, or running a shorter distance. (1)

Try them and let me know how it goes!

Friday Fav's

Frayed Laces - Want to know what type of celebrity runner you are? Take this quiz to find out.

52 Weeks to 4:15 - Sharon once again makes me smile with her memoir to batwings.

Truly.Into.Fitness - Not only is Jess' site a great resource for healthy eating, check out her bog roll. It's my go to place to scan for a healthy recipe.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Sharon said...

Thanks for the hat tip, again! :)

Anton said...

Great post. I am off to do some speedwork today.