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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last year around this time I had just finished a 15k and was feeling really good about myself when my husband exclaimed..."I could beat ya". Oooohh, GAME ON! Don't get me wrong, my hubby is naturally athletic and pretty fast but he doesn't run unless he's chasing a ball or sprinting around the bases. But he was feeling pretty confident and I thought it would be fun to deliver him a woopin' and prove that I really had been training hard. So we set a date to race in our city's 10k with these babies on the line.

If I won, I got to finally purchase a new living room set. If he won, I had to put more money into our savings each month (he's an accountant...enough said.) Well Mr. Speedy started out his training a little too strong and ended up with a bum knee and a forfeit. I didn't give him too much grief because he was limping around and I didn't think it was worth him ruining his knee but I still count it as a forfeit and will be furnishing my new home nicely by the end of the year.

Well a couple days ago he declared a rematch...double or nothin'! The difference is that he wants to stick with a 5k instead. Of course I HAD to give him a hard time. ONLY A 5K? But I think it would be fun and I don't want him hobblin' around again so we're ON! The date is set for September 6th. Now these twins are on the line.

That's right! Every Mom's DREAM!!!

If I win I get the new living room set AND the washer/dryer combo. These puppies have been on my wish list ever since baby #3 was born...only in red.

So now I've got to kick up my speed work and focus a little harder my 5k training than I intended to do this summer but I've got my work cut out for me. First time running this morning and hubby's already got a 7:10 pace. WHAT?!? Good thing mine was 7:01! HAHAHAHA!

This could get ugly. :)


Anton said...

Challenges are awesome motivation huh?? Good luck for the run. Will look forward to hearing how it goes and whether you get that lounge suite :-)

Kylene said...

You go girl! I totally understand what it's like being married to an Accountant. ;) My money is on YOU!

Candace Davidsavor said...

Oh you got it in the bag!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I wish my hubby ran, I'd have a HUGE list of items to buy. Good luck, I know you can get that 20 minute 5k and beat him!