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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HarVestiNg the PeAs

I've spent MANY hours in the garden this summer and we are finally reaping the rewards. I'm the first to admit I don't have the greatest eating habits and my vegetable consumption probably suffers the most. At least when it's time to harvest the garden I have easy access to some good vegetarian grub so tonight I enjoyed my peas stir fried with some roasted almonds.

Here's what it looked like.

Throw in a handful of almonds with a swirl of extra virgin olive oil.

Add a few handfuls of peas (pods edible with this variety). I like mine a little crunchy but if you like yours softer, steam them first.

Stir fry until the almonds are slightly brown and the peas are warm. For even more flavor, add a pinch of salt. Walla!

To make a meal out of this I've often tossed it with some brown rice. Not too bad for someone who eats too many carbs and not enough greens. Now I'm on the hunt for a way to eat my beets without loading on the butter and salt. Throw some ideas my way if ya got 'em!


Anton said...

That looks fantastic. Can't wait for summer to roll round to start eating fresh summer veges again.

Middle Name Marie said...

That looks tasty!