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Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny Running Quotes - Friday Fav's

These put a smile on my face. Hopefully it does the same to yours.

“It hurts up to a point and then it doesn't get any worse.”
Ann Trason

“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming.”
Frank Shorter

“We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.”
Will Rogers

“While running, it is rude to count the people you pass out loud.”

"I don't think jogging is healthy, especially morning jogging. If morning joggers knew how tempting they looked to morning motorists, they would stay home and do sit-ups."
- Rita Rudner

"I love running cross country....On a track, I feel like a hamster."
- Robin Williams

"I run so my goals in life will continue to get bigger instead of my belly."
- Bill Kirby

"The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again."
- Erma Bombeck

"Running is a mental sport...and we're all insane!"
- Author unknown

Here's my Fav posts that I stalked this week.

I also gotta give a shout out to my FAV knew followers. Thanks for joining the Fitness Junky club! And I can't forget those that have already been following as well. You guys are awesome!

Thanks for all the comments too. It's nice too know people actually read this stuff and care enough to have a little discussion. It's always great to know that your not the only one that's "insane".

--See ya on the road!

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Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

These are fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

MCM Mama said...

Thanks for the link! Great quotes.

Johann said...

Nice list. I always enjoy quotes like these. I suppose we all are a little crazy.

Anonymous said...

that's funny! I laugh loud reading them! :)